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Haute Chocolate is a hot seller at the Four Seasons Resort Vail

Hot chocolate has come a long way from the packets of powder you just add to hot water. Today, there are several places to find a great cup of cocoa. In fact, many restaurants and bars are out doing each other by finding creative ways to serve up this cool weather classic drink.

At the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Vail, the world-famous Haute Chocolate is served tableside with the homemade hot chocolate being poured over a hand-designed chocolate lattice. The key however, is having the house made marshmallow on top of the lattice.

“When we started serving this signature drink back in December 2010, we actually had the marshmallow inside the mug, said Kiersten Dunn, director of public relations and communications at the Four Seasons Vail. “But soon after we realized that our guests wanted something more experiential. It’s all about finding and capturing those “Instagram-able” moments, so we decided to put the marshmallow on top of the lattice, providing for the ultimate experience. And it’s been that way ever since,” Dunn said.

Those Instagram posts have boosted the popularity of the sweet drink, with the Fours Seasons Vail seeing an astronomical growth in sales due to social media streams.

“We arrived in the kitchen one morning and one of the staff wrote a note that he had sold 67 Haute Chocolates the night before and alerted us that we’d better make a lot more,” said Andrew Schweska, executive pastry chef for the Four Seasons Vail. “During the busy times we are constantly making big pans of marshmallows and chocolate lattices.”

This decadent drink isn’t just for kids, either. Steven Teaver, beverage director for the Four Seasons Vail, gave us a few options on how to turn this into an adult beverage.

“You can always add whiskey. It brings out the woody notes, think hot toddy but sweeter,” Teaver said. “Many ask for peppermint schnapps or Goldschlager, which is a little stronger and it cuts through the sweetness.

However you decide to order it, make sure your camera is ready for this photo opportunity.

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