Haute summer style in the Vail Valley

Jennifer Geisman
Haute Alpine Couture
Special to the Daily/Courtesy of Krimson Klover

The scent of suntan lotion carried on an afternoon breeze defines summer and the season has officially kicked-off here in the Vail Valley. As temps heat up, sun-kissed days equal light fabrics, sol-inspired colors and flirty, carefree ‘tudes. Easy, breezy trends cool off scorching days almost as quick as a midday margarita!

Mid-summer night dreaming

The months spent on the slopes and cross-country skiing have tightened up your Queen Elizabeth arm jiggle (you know exactly where we are talking about) and it’s time to show off your buff, bronzed shoulders in a slinky spaghetti strap sundress. The Valeria Organic Cotton Maxi Dress by Aventura Clothing ($62, Pinecones) in Latte is a first-class choice for a sizzling date night, which can be paired with flip flops or sandals. When the sun fades and the mountains cool off, wrap your bare shoulders in the ruffled Francesca Cardigan ($62, Pinecones) in Olivenight or Black.

The myth that summer is the least expensive season here in the alpine community is just that, a myth. Your budget-conscious, fashionista radar will go berserk once you glimpse Aventura Clothing’s 2-in-1 Convertible Dress ($72, Pinecones) — for under a hundred bucks, you’ll look muy bonita in this affordable, dual-purpose ensemble. A versatile fashion-must, the 2-in-1 Convertible Dress is perfect poolside at the Four Seasons in Vail (think skirt and bikini) or while sipping champagne during the Vail International Dance Festival. A bonus: This dress is wrinkle-resistant, so lawn seats won’t leave crows-feet on your behind!

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Glam guise

Amp up your glam guise and slip into a Z Spoke Zac Posen New York dress with dancing figures (orig. $450, at Rouge Boutique $185). Frequently spotted on the red carpet scene, this a-line Zac Posen number is a cream and black silk dress that features a distinctive dancer print and snakeskin-stamped patent leather trim.

When your blistering summer nights call for a come-hither look, wear a Miel Mimi bandeau ($25, Lacy’s Top Drawer, The Arrabelle) under sheer tops, tanks and sweaters. Meaning honey in both French and Spanish, Miel’s collection of bandeaus are available in wardrobe essentials — black, nude and white, but summer necessitates fun, coquettish, peek-a-boo colors. We are crazy about the coral and mint.

As the day glows on

With the National Accu-Weather forecast predicting high 70s throughout the month of June (phew, we were worried with the snow this past week!), you don’t need to sacrifice daytime styles for functionality. The Ibex Raya Dress ($120, Ptargmin Sports) is a fabulous alternative to summer’s monotony of shorts and T’s. Easily worn all season long, the short-sleeved dress falls just above the knee, has a scoop neck, pockets and a drawcord to create more or less shape, depending on the crowd you’re running with. Paired with a cute pair of cut-off jeans or white capris, the Ibex OD Sophia Top ($85, Ptargmin) is a super-sweet, summer-weight top that is tapered at the waist to show off your svelte, copper-toned abs. When the wind picks up, the Krimson Klover Heartbreaker pullover ($130, Pinecones) gives your Rocky Mountain look a beachy vibe. The space dye pullover incorporates reds, pinks and yellows, which look almost as beautiful as an alpine sunset.

Bells and whistles

Of course, as every Alpine Couturist will confirm, the essence of a truly polished look is a faw-bu-lous accessory. Local Edwards jewelry designer, Patti Thornton, creates unique bracelets to adorn your arms. Summer arm candy includes Thornton’s Kumihimo, Japanese weaving art bracelet ($60, Rouge Boutique) and Wrap Bracelets ($84, Rouge Boutique).

The summer solstice trend among Hollywood’s elite is donning a headwrap. We’ve spotted mega-celebs including Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens and Eva Mendes accessorizing their happy-go-lucky style with vibrant, printed headwraps. Closer to home, and without the red carpet, you can create your own Hollywood splendor with the Goody FashioNow Collection (Walmart in Avon). Three favorites to give your summer look the wow-factor include the Goody FashioNow Three-Strand Braided Headwrap ($4.99, Walmart), the Goody FashioNow Cheetah Fabric Headwrap ($5.99, Walmart) and the Goody FashioNow Patent Bow Headwrap ($4.99, Walmart).

While lounging poolside and sipping mojitos all afternoon is just what the doctor ordered, protecting your skin should still be a priority. Sunday Afternoons (love the name!) brings shade to your sunny attire with the Milan hat ($32, Everyday Outfitters in Eagle, Rivers Clothing Co. in Frisco) and the Caribbean hat ($30, Everyday Outfitters in Eagle, Rivers Clothing Co. in Frisco). Think tropical vacations and sultry days as these wide-brimmed beauties guard your skin from the environment. The Milan features adjustable grosgrain headband and the Caribbean is made with crushable poly-braid straw.

Haute Alpine Couture quenches your thirst with a cocktail of cravings and élan that turns an “insider’s favorite” into your monthly buzz. With an eye for uncovering the most sought-after trends, Jennifer Geisman is a self-professed product junky. Geisman fuses her expertise in PR and the beauty and fashion worlds to deliver quintessentially modern hot spots, styles and trends.

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