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Have a recipe you want to share?

by Lourdes FerzaccasVail Chamber & Business Association

Amidst your hectic daily lives, after the kids have been dropped off at school, errands are taken care of, the laundry is done and youve completed the project youve been working on all week at work, what is it that you crave at the end of the day?Imagine being able to go back home and curl up on the couch while the warm smell of your favorite entree wafts out of the oven. You take your place at the dinner table to enjoy the comfort of a meal thats been made especially by you. What is this meal? It could be a favorite entree or dessert, an appetizer or side dish thats been enjoyed by the rest of your family and friends for decades or something new you have only recently added to your collection. The Vail Chamber is collecting a montage of recipes from the community, whether youre representing your restaurant, are a chef, the family cook or even a collector of fine cuisines. We want anything and everything thats made your taste buds tingle and your imagination dance. We want your mothers recipes and new concoctions whatever favorites that disappear in seconds after they are placed on the table. The Vail Chamber & Business Association is producing a one of a kind cookbook; a collection from the whole community. The idea behind The Vail Cookbook is to produce a valuable cooking tool that the community can enjoy when they are at a loss for what to make for their family or friends. Visitors will be able take something home which represents favorite taste treats from Vail. To the residents who come from all over the world, we want the recipes youve brought with you to Vail. For each recipe submitted, the thoughtful contributor will find their name printed in the back of the book, making it an even more special gift to give or receive. The cookbook will contain approximately 500 recipes and be available for sale when the new winter season begins, just in time for your favorite holiday party. It will also serve as the perfect holiday gift.The cookbook will be professionally bound. The cover details and artwork theme are slowly evolving into something that will be a beautiful Vail keepsake as well as a source of culinary delights.It will be broken up into two sections, one for restaurants and the other for personal favorites. We recommend that all recipes submitted be something that is often requested and the ingredients be easily obtainable. The Vail Chamber has created an application with the necessary information required to submit your recipe to the Vail Cookbook. We look forward to obtaining classic and interesting recipes. In order to make this something special for everyone with all kinds of tastes, we need your help. But please remember, you are not limited to sending in just one recipe. We will gladly accept dozens from each person who would like to share their special recipes with residents and guests alike. Weve already received recipes from guests who want to be included in the publication and want to see their name in the back of the book at their favorite resort.Contact the Vail Chamber at 477-0075 or e-mail info@vailchamber.org. This is your chance to have a say in what makes a complete cookbook your recipes, so dig in. We are fast approaching our deadline.

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