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Have you herd? Donna the Buffalo returns to State Bridge Friday

Daily staff report
VAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily/John D. Kurc

BOND – Donna the Buffalo’s feel-good, groove-oriented, danceable and often socially conscious music began more than 20 years ago, with roots in old-time fiddle music. That evolved into a soulful electric Americana mix infused with elements of cajun/zydeco, rock, folk, reggae and country. It was one of the most epic weekends of the summer when DTB played the State Bridge venue last summer.-

“The State Bridge setlist (Aug., 2011) started out normally enough with ‘Everyday’ and also included a new Jeb tune, ‘Look to the Future’, ‘Tennessee River,’ an instrumental jam, ‘On Our Way On,’ ‘Rockin in the Weary Land,’ ‘WV Rastafari,’ ‘Little Wing,’ a cover of ‘Lay Lady Lay,’ and more,” wrote Donna the Buffalo historian Jeff Bauer. “The later portion of the night primarily featured Jeb solo. The next night, the band turned in a set that was ‘only’ 2 hours and 40 minutes. Fortunately, thanks to some extraordinary efforts (the marathon set was not announced in advance) the entire event was audio taped, videotaped and photographed.”-

Donna the Buffalo is known for touring the country and remaining fiercely independent as one of the industry’s most diverse roots music bands.-

The dynamic songwriting tandem of vocalists Jeb Puryear and Tara Nevins has penned more than 150 songs in their collaboration with DTB. As of late, Nevins and Puryear have also been known to perform as a duo on air and at live shows, presenting their favorite songs in stripped-down arrangements for fans.

Nevins, co-bandleader and American roots traditionalist, released “Wood and Stone,” showcasing her ever-evolving repertoire as she journeys back to her roots, while exploring new territory.

Over the years and through their travels, Donna the Buffalo has had the opportunity to collaborate and record with musicians such as Jim Lauderdale, Preston and Keith Frank, Bela Fleck, Mamadou Diabate, Claire Lynch, David Hidalgo, The Duhks and Amy Helm. They are well known for their on stage collaborations in the festival community, often inviting musicians from all walks to perform.

Donna the Buffalo’s fervent fan base, self-named The Herd, follows the band with zeal and has created a unique and supportive community at shows across the nation.

“The main thing I like to say about The Herd is that you don’t have to do anything to be a member,” Puryear said. “You just have to like a song.”

“It’s a great feeling to promote such a feeling of community, like you’re really part of something that’s happening, like a movement or a positive force,” Nevins said. “All those people that come and follow you and you recognize them and you become friends with them – you’re all moving along for the same purpose. It is powerful. It’s very powerful, actually.”

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