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Head: Crested Butte ads drop Vail

Allen Best/Special to the Daily

CRESTED BUTTE – Crested Butte is abandoning its unVail marketing campaign – somewhat. Instead, the ads placed in SKI and Skiing magazine will be built on the theme of “180 degrees from “been there/done that.'”

Jane Chaney, executive director of Gunnison County Tourism Association, said the new and changed ads say that Crested Butte is “unique and different, real and authentic.”

John Norton, CEO of Crested Butte Mountain, said the ads still follow last year’s theme, if not naming another resort by name.

“It’s still drawing a comparison between us and the more industrial ski resorts,” he says.

Bowhunter killed by own arrow

SILVERTON – A bowhunter who was tracking elk near Silverton bled to death after accidentally piercing the femoral artery in his right leg with an arrow.

A San Juan County sheriff’s deputy told the Durango Herald (Sept. 12) that the 36-year-old man appeared to have been walking with a notched arrow in his compound bow, ready to fire, when he tripped or slipped and pierced his leg. After doing so, he sat on a log, removed the arrow, and started to loosen his belt as if he were going to apply a tourniquet.

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