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Headline, story, disservice to extent of Eagle County’s opioid crisis (letter)

The headline in the Thursday edition was a misrepresentation of facts, and serious disservice to our Eagle County. Apparently paraphrasing an official from the Country Public Health Service at a Vail Health Symposium, on May 23,Vail Daily proclaimed no presence of opioid epidemic in our community.

From the symposium on this problem, a responsible reporter might have described the story of a mental health professional’s daughter’s near miss of addiction to opioids, or an anesthesiologist labored attempts to discuss alternatives to the serious practice of overprescribing opioids. Another mother spoke of her son’s continued struggles with addiction despite attempts for care. A representative of a Colorado Opioid coalition of experts pointed to state-wide efforts to tackle our growing epidemic. An addiction physician in the audience spoke passionately about the many attempts to support local health care facilities to treating community members who have become addicted to opioids.

Hidden at the end of the article were the words of our own Eagle County judge pleaded with the panelists not to downplay the presence of heroin and other deadly opioids in our community.

I hope that Vail Daily will correct this serious error in reporting, not only in retracting the headline, but in offering an in-depth, and factual examination of our local epidemic. The epidemic is real, and present now.

David Wahl, MD

West Vail


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