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Healing & Recovery Intensive Program now for adults, teens

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Healing & Recovery Intensive Program (HRIP) is a type of school: a mind, body, spirit school where students learn how to live more conscious lives. The program involves learning hypnotherapy, nutrition, physical and brain awareness of using body awareness, learning to connect to a power much bigger than us, how to retrain the mind and how to live the changes that are learned. HRIP is an intensive program that includes attending a weekly class (group session), along with a one-hour private counseling session per week. The “classroom” time is for learning, for asking questions and learning how to apply the information to living a new way of life. The individual counseling work will focus on the personal reasons for the individual being in his or her current state of mind and what brought him or her to this place in life. HRIP offers two programs. One is a nine-week adult intensive program, which includes 31⁄2 hours of intensive work per week. The teen program is six weeks of three hours per week. There is homework and a private session each week, as well. The purpose of an intensive program is to allow the students to learn to apply the material in their lives on a daily basis. Catherine Zeeb, a certified addictions psychotherapist, leads the class. Zeeb has been counseling people with addictions for more than 11 years. Call for costs (most insurance companies will help with or pay for an intensive program) and start dates.”HRIP is a unique and much-needed program in our happy valley,” Zeeb said. “There are many people in our beautiful and lively valley who are in need of a recovery program, for whatever they need to recover from: A habit, an addiction or any form of behavior that no longer serves the individual can be shaped into healthy behavior; that is HRIP’s goal.”Habits or addictions may include, but are not limited to, shopping, alcohol, drugs, emotions, sugar or food addiction, attitude, self-destructive thoughts and more.”When an individual in our valley is in need of recovery, they usually have to leave the valley in order to get help,” Zeeb said. “HRIP is here to help. HRIP is not a treatment program. If a person would like to attend for alcohol or drugs and needs to withdraw, they must do that first. We can help them find a facility to withdraw safely, and once the withdrawal is done, they can attend our program as after-care.”Contact Zeeb at 970-376-6660 or visit her website at http://www.healingrecoveryintensiveprogram.com for more information.

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