Health-care ruse |

Health-care ruse

Bernie Schwartz
Vail, CO, Colorado

Last September Sen. Barack Obama promised that under his health-care proposal “you’ll be able to get the same kind of coverage that members of Congress give themselves.”

He repeated that promise in a speech to the American Medical Association. It’s not true.

Sen. Kennedy’s Health Bill will push Americans into stingy insurance plans with tight, HMO-style controls.

It specifically exempts members of Congress (along with federal employees). The exemptions are in section 3116.

If legislation similar to the Kennedy bill lands on Mr. Obama’s desk, he has an obligation to keep his promises to the American people and veto it.

Whatever health-insurance law is passed should apply to members of Congress. If it isn’t good enough for them, it shouldn’t be imposed on the rest of us.

Bernie Schwartz


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