Health care touches us all |

Health care touches us all

Greg Repetti
Vail CO, Colorado

Our health is something that we most often take for granted. We seldom plan for the day when we need to visit the hospital. Invariably, though, it happens and we find ourselves in the emergency room with a sick child or a torn ACL or in the outpatient testing area having diagnostic tests.

As we celebrate hospital week, May 6-12, across the country, I want to take a few moments to share some of my thoughts and experiences as they relate to Vail Valley Medical Center.

Those of us who work in healthcare are depended upon to always provide safe, accessible, high quality care. I have had the profound honor and privilege to serve as the CEO and president of your community hospital, Vail Valley Medical Center, for the past two years. During that time, I have experienced the hospital as a parent of a patient, the spouse of a patient, and as a patient myself. My reaction is one of complete admiration and awe of the women and men who have dedicated themselves to serve you, the members of this community and those who come to visit us.

VVMC’s people truly are extraordinary in every way. From our physicians and nursing staff, to our service staff and billing staff, each and every one of our employees are completely dedicated to providing extraordinary care to our patients and their families.

Our precept at the Vail Valley Medical Center is dedicated to improving our six peaks of excellence: people, quality, safety, service, growth and finance. This journey, a journey to excellence, is not an easy one. But there is no other choice.

Consider the thousands of people who visit our facilities every day and trust us with their care. Consider the confidence that so many in our community have in our organization ” a confidence that is shown by their volunteering time, talent and treasure to support this journey. Consider the incredible medical staff, nursing staff and all the other employees who have chosen to work for VVMC. Taken together, you can understand why there is no choice but for us to continue on our journey.

Particularly during hospital week, I want to thank everyone who has supported Vail Valley Medical Center. From the physicians to the nurses to the technical and support staff, to the volunteers, donors and friends, you truly are the extraordinary people who make the extraordinary care at Vail Valley Medical Center possible.

Finally, to the community at large, please know that I personally, along with the leadership team, are intensely committed to continually improving the quality of care and service you receive at Vail Valley Medical Center. We will fulfill our journey to excellence and realize our vision of becoming the best place between the Front Range and Salt Lake City for you to receive care.

Greg Repetti is the CEO of the Vail Valley Medical Center.

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