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Hearings set for private ski resort

J.K. Perry

MINTURN ” February hearings have been set for the annexation of more than 4,300 acres of land for a private ski resort. But public input likely won’t take place until late spring at the earliest, said Boots Ferguson, a lawyer for Minturn.

The company’s plans for the land should become clearer in the near future, as well as impacts on the town, officials said.

The developer wants to build a private ski resort, luxury homes and a golf course between Minturn and Red Cliff.

“This process will take us into the summer for sure” before a decision is made by the council, Ferguson said. “We anticipate this being a fairly long process.”

Resident Andy Vigil said he was concerned the townspeople need to be made aware of the upcoming meetings, perhaps through flyers.

“I think we need to have enough information here,” Vigil said.

The Minturn Town Council set the Feb. 15 hearing after unanimously agreeing Ginn’s petition for annexation met state law for joining town.

The resort developer’s first job start Feb. 15 will be to prove to the town it owns the land and it can be annexed.

“I guarantee you will all need toothpicks to prop your eyes open at the first meeting,” Town Attorney Allen Christensen said.

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