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Heather Mann

School: Eagle Valley High School

Nickname: Hey Hey, Hamon, Hambone, Gus

How many years in county: Almost 10

Parent/s’ names:

Todd and Wendy Mann

Siblings, ages: Jamie, 15

OK, you’re 30: What have you done (college, job, kids etc.), where do you live and what do you do?

When I’m 30 I’ll be happy and successful and living in some place cool like New Zealand.

What items might you put in a personal time capsule to open at your 20th high school reunion? Why those? Pictures of what everybody used to look like, pins from my letter jacket, so I can remember what I did in high school. A hair tie because I never have one and a $20 bill because that would be a nice surprise.

Best high school memory: Prom, basketball last home game and water fights at

state track.

Favorite teacher and why: Mrs. March because she is awesome ” and she

always knows just how to fix stuff.

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