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Heavy metal band 20Twelve plays Eagle-Vail this Saturday

Charlie Owen
Vail, CO, Colorado
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Driving up Metcalf Road in Avon on Tuesday night, it was easy to assume there was a new music venue in town. The barrage of guitar and drums pouring from the Avon storage units that line the road sounded like a concert in full swing. But this was no concert ” it was the sounds of local heavy metal/hard rock band 20Twelve practicing for their upcoming gig at Paddy’s in Eagle-Vail, set for Saturday night.

The rocking foursome ” Jerome Walek on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Steven Karamby on lead guitar, Thomas McCarthy on bass and Kory Sjoberg on drums ” rent out the storage unit to practice since both Karamby and Walek dealt with cops and neighbors because of noise complaints that stemmed from practicing at their homes.

“Now we’re here,” Walek said.

It’s not exactly luxurious, but it works. Crammed into the tiny space with a stack of Marshall amps, a large drum kit, one worn-out sofa and a space heater to keep them warm as snow fell outside, the members of 20Twelve practiced their newest original song, “Unification.” The song is reminiscent of old-school Megadeth with rifling guitar solos over dark bass lines. And it’s loud.

“We really work hard … we write all our own stuff and come in with good ideas and open minded-ness,” Karamby said. “There is room in this valley for what’s going on in this scene.”

While there’s little doubt that the local music scene is ruled by bluegrass, reggae and jam-bands, Walek said he believes it’s time for hard rock and metal to rise up and wield the sword of power.

“I think there is an underground (desire for) hard rock and metal … We’ve had some people come up to us after the shows and be like ‘Thanks. Thanks for playing rock and rocking out,” Walek said.

20Twelve ” named after the year the world will end, according to the Mayan calendar ” formed a year ago. They plan to spend time in the studio this month recording a three- to four- song demo to get its music into the hands of the public. The members are influenced by bands like Tool and Coheed and Cambria, and musical genres like grunge and ’80s hair metal, Karamby said.

“We do have one song that kind of has some end-of-the-world connotations to it. But a lot of the stuff we write, lyrically, are real issues in the world, not ‘my girlfriend broke up with me.’ We do have a couple of political songs, we do have some more metaphysical, spacey stuff dealing with issues that people like to set aside but we should be thinking about,” Walek said.

With that said, the band launched into “Surrounding Space,” another original song.

As the strobe light on the back wall pulsed, McCarthy’s fingers walked all over his bass and Sjoberg pounded out fills and hammered away on Sabian cymbals, one of which was shattered around the edges from such heavy play. Walek let the vocals soar and Karamby, who looks like Alice Cooper without the makeup, kept his fingers moving up and down the fretboard of his guitar, tapping and picking furious notes during the sweeping, epic-like song.

It’s obvious from 20Twelve’s intensity, tightly structured arrangements and its love of the genre that it’s ready to explode onto the local scene ” whether the local scene is ready for it or not.

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What: Local rock band 20Twelve with opening act Outtasane.

When: Saturday at 9:30 p.m.

Where: Paddy’s in Eagle-Vail.

Cost: Free.

More information: Call 970-949-6093 or visit http://www.paddysvail.com.

For more information on 20Twelve or a list of their upcoming shows, visit http://www.myspace.com/theband20twelve.

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