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Hell hath no fury …

Don Rogers

If you have a girlfriend, or boyfriend for that matter, who you have never actually seen, you might want to be a little careful.That1s the message of the goofy tale of the Front Range woman who called her virtual boyfriend in Minturn and played out a fictional kidnapping on I-70 in East Vail around 9 a.m. Sunday.Our reporter on the story, Cliff Thompson, was immediately skeptical. For one, how does a car get run off the road and no one out of all those folks hustling to Vail Mountain notices? The one-gal play, had it been true, would have attracted a lot of attention, with one car forcing another off the roadway and a kidnapping carried out. Subsequent e-mails and cell phone calls included references to a gun and sexual assault.The true story appears to be of a woman scorned who sought to get back at an ex and threw in the new Internet boyfriend for good measure. The photo she sent to the Minturn fellow wasn1t of her; it was taken from the old boyfriend1s Web site.The authorities bit, hard, as they no doubt had to, though it is puzzling that the highway story at a busy time wouldn1t have raised more eyebrows sooner. Perhaps the cops wouldn1t been as quick to get the news media quite so involved as quickly if this had been thought through a bit more.But on the other hand, hindsight is fine, but being lackadaisacal with such a horrifying scenario<had it proved true<would have been a major mistake. Of course the police had to go with it until the evidence pointed away from a woman actually being kidnapped and assaulted, if not worse.We imagine the Minturn man1s next lady friend will be somewhat more corporal than bits and bytes.Loyal to the endThe Eagle fire department has lost a good and loyal friend, Bear, a Lab-Rottweiler mix, at age 10.Nothing says fire department so much as that true firehouse dog, or three as was the case for Eagle until Bear passed on.Good-natured Bear was a great friend to children, as well, bringing the department that much closer to the community it serves.Even though the big fella didn1t come with spots, the firefighters who loved him swear he was the greatest fire dog ever.Friendly fareYou can get a leg up on April 1 at the first Foolish Day Parade in Minturn at 2 p.m. Saturday.The funky town around the corner from highfalutin Vail will take the lead for foolishness and fun, a couple of days ahead of usual. The parade along Main Street ends with a block party, complete with barbecue, music and even an awards ceremony.The parade1s open for entries to 3the last minute, but call Friday: 827-9262 or 827-9232.

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