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Hell’s Belles are back

Laura A. Ball

This time when Hell’s Belles comes to 8150, the only near catastrophic event will be the performance.”We played there, and all of the sudden our amps started moving around. We had to hold things down, we thought it was an earthquake,” Om Johari, lead vocalist, said of her most outstanding memory of 8150. “They said beware of the floor, but nobody ever specified why. Its got a great great bouncing floor.” Nonetheless Johari calls Vail “one of the most down-to-earth” ski towns. The all-female AC/DC cover band, Johari, Lisa Brisbois, rhythm guitar; Mandy Reed, bass guitar; Melodie Zapata, drums, takes to the stageThursday at 10 p.m. at 8150, and they’ll be movin’. Their favorite song, Riff-raff, goes straight for the rhythm.”It moves, it really moves.” Charlie Owen of Avon, who hopes to hear “Back in Black,” has been an AC/DC fan since he was a kid, since the first time he heard his dad playing them on the stereo.”Listening to their music kind of reminds me being younger, rockin’ out in your room, playing air guitar,” he said. “Seeing girls do what Ac/Dc does would be pretty cool. It puts an interesting twist on things. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them. AC/DC not touring this year, if you want a fix of AC/DC you got to check that out. “Owen’s devotion to the band “It’s just really basic rock ‘n’ roll. There’s no frills, there’s no glamour and that pretty much speaks to everybody.”It’s what Owen pops in the stereo when he needs to wake up.”It puts you in a good mood,” he said. “It’s fun to listen to even when you’re driving. When you’re falling asleep, you put that in and it cranks you up. It’s high-octane music.”It has the same affect for Johari, who’s on the other side of the action.”It’s high energy. You can be really really tired, but as soon as the first guitar chord of the first song strikes, you get really pumped,” she said. “Everybody has a rock band they liked when they were a little kid. I liked them a lot more than KISS, and KISS was the most popular. There’s nothing better than blues-based rock ‘n’ roll.”Lance Lohoc of Avon has been a fan since he can remember.”I would consider them some of the pioneers of rock,” he said. “They stay true to their roots when they’re producing music. It’s the distinguished sound of old school of rock ‘n’ roll.”Lohoc said he plans on going to Thursday’s show.”The all-female AC/DC cover band grabbed my attention. It’s going to be neat to see a bunch of chicks putting out the sound that AC/DC is capable of.”Johari can hardly believe it herself.”The craziest story of my life is that we’re able to do what we do. That’s the craziest thing really when you think about it; an all-female AC/DC tribute band is pretty incredible.”Johari said she owes a lot to the talents of the bandmates. “We’re good at what we do. When you put on a good a show, people like to check it out,” she said. “Adrian is really really young and really talented. Her style is very hard rock,” Johari said. “Lisa plays alternative rock and also writes great songs. Mandy Reed is the most versatile, and is a great songwriter. She’s really knowledgeable about a lot of music. She’s talented not only in hard rock and alternative rock, but in jazz. She’s amazing.”The Hell’s Belles vocalist, who started singing gospel in church when she was 4 years old, claims her own attribution relies on her on- and off-stage presence.”I think I have good showmanship,” Johari said. “I think it’s just keeping everybody inspired.”The band not only uses the stage as a musical outlet, but uses it to encourage other women to get out there and play music and express themselves through art.”The only way to do that is to show by example, and when you come to our show you definitely will see a lot of girl power going on,” she said. “To promote that we keep being musicians, we never give up, we don’t settle for the desk job. And we talk about it.”Johari said as a woman, she feels it’s important to bring different experiences and stories to light that it took to get her where she is.”It’s a male industry. Women should play music,” she said. “As a female musician, you have to go though a lot of stuff to get there. I just try to encourage women to be artists, period, no matter what the cost. And to face the fears that society puts on you to be something. Follow your heart, to thine own self be true. People can think whatever they want.”Vail Colorado

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