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Helms hopes for more activism

Daily Staff Writer

Tommy Helms, 52

– Lifelong Eagle resident

– Lives in “Old Eagle”

– Served on county’s transportation sales tax committee

– Most important issue: Lack of involvement by citizens in the town of Eagle. For many years, the town board has been represented by a small group of people. While dedicated and hardworking, they haven’t encouraged people to participate or to express views, desires and problems. “Hopefully, I will change that attitude, and get more publicity and participation in town decisions. You’re supposed to try to represent everybody.

“Decision makers need to represent homeowners, renters, business owners, senior citizens and anybody that calls Eagle their home, even if they have lived here for just a short time.”

Wants to encourage more advisory and study committees on different issues. People who live in Eby Creek Mesa and Upper Kaibab should be allowed more influence in town elections, which would involve annexing those neighborhoods to the towns. “It should be up to them.”

– Downtown redevelopment: “I believe in free enterprise.” To encourage more activity downtown, more exposure to the potential is needed. One possibility would be to make Broadway a one-way street heading south; then make Capital Street from Fifth Street to Highway 6 northbound. Maintain diagonal parking downtown, with some safety improvements.

“Easy access to all types of businesses is the key.”

– Open space management: The theory “this land is my land and your land” should apply. “Open space is, and always should be, a must for everyone. This includes easy and free access for motor vehicles, on foot and by horses.”

All new trail construction should be paid for by the developers who wish to offer it as an amenity.

– Growth issues: The master plan is important. Not appropriate to comment at this time. Needs more information and time to study the issues.

– What makes you a good candidate: “I was born and raised here and have seen many town boards come and go. I’ve watched Eagle grow … it still has small town character and charm. I am at a point in life where I have time to be a leader in the community and maybe give back something.”

Wants to represent people from all walks of life and urge them to participate.

“I don’t have any specific agenda; have no political history in the valley. I don’t owe anybody anything. I’m here for the people.”

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