Help on the way for Brianna Guzman |

Help on the way for Brianna Guzman

Sarah Dixon

Dr. Denton Davis of Rocky Mountain Mobile Physicians has offered to install a portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber, temporarily, in the home of Brianna Guzman.

The chamber is thought to be a successful instrument in reversing some effects of brain damage by treating the patient with pressurized, pure oxygen gas, which can penetrate barriers in the brain caused by the injury.

Dr. Davis has used the chambers to treat patients for acute mountain sickness, or AMS, for more than a year now.

“The idea is that we can take a person down to sea level, without ever having to leave their hotel room in Beaver Creek,” Davis said Wednesday. “But the chamber also has other uses, such as treating the effects of brain injury.”

Davis said he has offered to install the chamber in the Guzman’s home for several days, so that Brianna Guzman may benefit from two treatments a day in the comfort of her own living room.

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“Brianna’s parents will be in attendance for the treatments, and will be closely observing their daughter to see how she responds and what the effectiveness of the treatment is,” Davis said.

“Of course, his generosity is appreciated, to know that he’s willing to do this is really enlightening and wonderful,” added Kim Guzman, Brianna’s mother.

Davis has the only portable hyperbaric oxygen chambers in the mountains, and has seen tremendous results in the patients he has treated for AMS. He also just returned from a California conference on the benefits of the treatment on patients like Brianna.

“He’s really doing his research on children with brain injuries,” Kim Guzman said. “He’s been doing his homework on how to branch out and use the chambers for more causes.”

Davis said that he is part of the research movement looking into how to use the chambers for children with brain injury.

“We are so thankful that he is donating his services, but once we have raised some money, we are more than happy to pay,” Kim Guzman said. “The fact that we don’t have to relocate to California for the treatments is huge. We thank Dr. Davis so sincerely.”

How to help

The Guzman family is holding a fund-raising dinner and silent auction Aug. 20, at 8 p.m., at the Grouse Mountain Grill in Beaver Creek. The dinner is the first in a series of events planned for the next few months to help raise money toward treatments for 5-year-old Brianna Guzman. For more information, contact Kim Guzman at 376-2035.

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