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Help to Heal

Cindy Ramunno
Audrey Powell Jamie Woodworth, Brooke Baughfman, and someone we can't identify, but wish we could.

As Eagle Valley High School students Laura Sandoval and Travis Hansbarger began the healing process after last fall’s horrible traffic accident, other students and community members, feeling helpless, searched for avenues to help with various costs associated with their tragic accident. Although insured, the families were saddled with out-of-pocket medical expenses and other costs.

Three students at Eagle Valley High School found ways to help. Seniors Katie Lovell, Sandra Wahba and Baily Rose have set up a fund at Alpine Bank in Eagle called Helping Hearts Heal.

Lovell explains, “We all wanted to help in some way, but didn’t know how. We were amazed at the response from students as we walked through the school’s hallways and asked for funds.”

The girls say the idea snowballed. When companies started asking where to send money, the girls got serious and opened the fund. The trio is very involved in student council and other school projects, and wants to see the student council take over the club/fund when they’ve graduated.

“We want this to be an on-going fund,” Wahba states. “There are so many hidden costs with something like this. Hopefully, EVHS will make this a club, so that committed students can fund-raise and make decisions on who needs the money in future.”

Rose agrees. “We want this to get bigger and keep going.” To find out more about the fund, call Alpine Bank (Julie Herr) at 328-1666. Rose adds, “This is for families who are hurting. Insurance only covers so much.”

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