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Helping Alina

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Jimmie Heuga was able to ride the course in a cart at the 13th annual golf tournament to raise money for the Heuga Center and Multiple Sclerosis research.

Regular readers (thank you) may remember an April story about Alina Ionescu, the Romanian woman who received some sight-saving surgery thanks to the volunteers of the local Salvation Army.We received an e-mail from Alina this week, which we’re sharing below:I just had my second laser treatment on my face, and I am waiting to get better now. It’s all bruised and it hurts a lot, but I am sooo happy!I will be done with my au pair contract on June 17(the family is moving to Boston), and now I am waiting for my next visa to come, so I can be able to get a job. In the meantime, I need some help with something, and I am thinking to let you know. You’ve been so helpful so many times, I am sure if you have a way you will help again. Here is an announcement that we made at church:

Do you have a used car to sell or donate?The Salvation Army and the Eagle Valley Family Assistance Fund are helping church member Alina Ionescu obtain a serviceable used car in order to drive to numerous medical appointments, as well as to work. If you have a used car in decent running condition to sell or donate (if donated to the Salvation Army, it’s tax-deductible), or you know of anyone who does, please contact Alina at (360) 535-2106 or Tsu Wolin-Brown at the Salvation Army (970) 926-3704….


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