Helping Vail avoid diet sins |

Helping Vail avoid diet sins

Daily Staff ReportVail CO, Colorado
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VAIL, Colorado Chef Diane Henderiks doesnt believe in dieting. Instead she built a career teaching the gospel of whole natural foods.Henderiks has penned Dietitian in the Kitchen and Shaken & Stirred, a book about cooking healthy with your favorite spirits. She wears many hats nutritionist, fitness expert, television personality and founder of a nutrition consulting company in New Jersey. Henderiks answered the following questions for the Vail Daily.

Vail Daily: Whats your process like for recipe development? Where do you start, what do you consider?Diane Henderiks: My recipe ideas begin categorically and by main ingredient. For example, I will say that I need a new salmon recipe for an entree, then I will review the salmon recipes that I already have developed and create using new, fresh ingredients. Changing cooking techniques and mixing up ingredients are the most important considerations when developing new recipes.VD: For you, is cooking at home completely different than cooking on the line? How so?DH: I just love cooking at home but it can be quite a challenge with three totally different palates to satisfy; my husband, Erick; 10-year-old Lukas and 6-year-old Derek. A lot of entertaining is done at our home and everyone pitches in with meal planning and preparation. It is a much more relaxed situation to cook at home but it is fun to cook for complete strangers and share your culinary passion with them.VD: If you had the power to band a food from American supermarkets, what would it be?DH: Artificial ingredients: Sweeteners, flavors and colorsVD: What are the most common sins Americans commit when it comes to their diets?DH: Letting fleeting cravings and not intelligence dictate food choices! 2) Falling victim to product marketing and choosing processed, pre-packaged convenience foods. 3) Not taking the time to plan and prepare for meals and snacks in advance.VD: You have published two cookbooks: Dietitian in the Kitchen and Shaken & Stirred, a book about healthy cooking using your favorite spirits. What does the future of your publishing career hold?DH: I am currently working on my next book, Kid Friendly Nutrition, with a few other timely topics in the works as well.VD: If you were limited to eating one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?DH: Thanksgiving dinnerVD: What ingredient or technique are you all fired up about?DH: Phytonutrients: Using high quality, unprocessed, all-natural ingredients in the most healthful culinary techniques to produce meals that promote good health.VD: What ingredient or technique are you just plain tired of?DH: Deep-frying!!VD: Do you ever feel like youve cooked everything under the sun? What keeps cooking fresh?DH: Ethnic cooking! There are such a variety of cuisine in this world that experimenting with ethnic ingredients keeps cooking fresh for me.VD: Why have you embraced the non-dieting approach and how does that work?DH: Health is all about lifestyle changes and not diets. The moment a person identifies with a diet then it all goes down hill … they need guidelines within that diet and if its not on that paper or in that specific book, its not acceptable. The basic concept of healthy eating is to consume foods as close to their natural state as possible and in the proper proportions and most people dont want to accept that because it is not a quick fix. Diets dont work!VD: Which would you rather do: eat, cook, think about food.DH: Cook.VD: Whats the best perk about being a chef?DH: Traveling around the country to wonderful places like Vail, cooking for great people and sharing my culinary passion!

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