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Henny Zimmermann: Willemssen for Avon Town Council

Henny Zimmermann
Avon CO, Colorado

I have known Karri Willemssen for four years. Our relationship during this time has been mostly professional, and I do consider her my friend. I do feel I know her well enough to say that working first hand with her she has the passion and dedication of a true leader.

She has been able to outperform many with her drive of follow through with her tireless work ethic. She participates regularly with the Beaver Creek marketing meetings, the Eagle Air Alliance meeting, the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association, as well as being a volunteer ambassador for the Vail Valley Partnership.

As the director of sales and marketing of Western Seasons Management in Avon, I have also witnessed first-hand how Karri increased her sales by establishing strong relationships with community members with her quick responsiveness and understanding of others.

I have also observed Karri’s 100 percent commitment to the organizations mentioned above and how Avon and the Vail Valley is utmost priority to her, only second to her family, her parents who live here.

I stand by her integrity and true character traits that make her who she is today: always willing to think out of the box, always willing to hear and respect the other point of view. Karri will work with this community to make things happen for Avon . I am proud to write this letter on her behalf.

Henny Zimmermann

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