Here’s some praise for Vail’s police |

Here’s some praise for Vail’s police

Susie TjossemVail, CO, Colorado

I have lived Vail almost my entire adult life and admittedly had some negative perceptions about Vail’s police force. Like many, I assumed that giving DUI tickets was a number-one priority for the officers, thus influencing many people to stay away from Vail at night. Like many, I assumed the officers were stationed on Bridge Street to help turn the fun meter way down. Like many, I assumed the officers were tough guys and gals who enforced the laws, no questions asked. Like many, I assumed the officers were to be avoided at all costs. To confirm all my suspicions, I recently spent an evening into the early morning on patrol with several officers and I am here to admit I was wrong. I had no idea the guest service role Vail’s police officers play for the community day in and day out, but especially at night, when many of the guest service and information centers are closed. Every night they answer hundreds of questions, make shopping and dining suggestions, give directions, and even offer to call taxis or limos for guests who have had a little too much fun. Vail’s police officers understand our economy is based on fun and use their discretion to ensure everyone is enjoying themselves while remaining safe. They stand out in the cold, night after night, playfully and humorously interacting with our guests, yet when there is an emergency they can immediately change gears and act appropriately. When volatile circumstances arise, caused by a little too much of the fun we encourage, they diffuse these situations. They remind guests of our open container laws in the nicest way. Did you know that if you are concerned about driving home after a great dinner with drinks in town you can leave your car in the parking structure overnight and pick it up by 11 a.m. at no charge? Vail’s police department is doing its part to enhance the guest service in town. Along with Vail Resorts, the town of Vail is placing a major emphasis on improving guest service. The Vail Chamber & Business Association recognizes and rewards great guest service through its Premiere Impressions program. The program will run through the end of March. If you want to nominate a real guest service hero, look to the police officers.If you would like to spend an evening on patrol with the Vail Police just call ahead and make an appointment. They welcome the opportunity to show off their guest service skills! The Vail Chamber & Business Association is the leading business advocacy group in Vail and is a communications outlet for businesses that want to have a voice in community affairs. If you are interested in finding out more about the Vail Chamber and what it has to offer, contact us at 970-477-0075 or e-mail Based in Vail Village, our office is located in the transportation center and our doors are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stop by and say hello!Susie Tjossem is a member of the Vail Chamber & Business Association Board of Directors, a Vail Town Council member, and Director of the Colorado Ski and Snowboard Museum located in Vail Village.

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