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Heritage Park

Becky Bultemeier

I am strongly opposed to the approval of the density of this project at 24 units.

My first and foremost reason is the densities are not similar to the surrounding area, which is a requirement in Eagle County and the county master plan. Homestead is 1.19 units per acre. The Heritage Park proposal is 2.11 units per acre. This is almost double the amount of the surrounding area.

My second reason is I believe Jim Guida, the developer, has misrepresented the calculation of the density to make his project look similar to the surrounding area. He has left out the 360 acres of dedicated open space within and around the Homestead development. This miscalculation has been pointed out to Mr. Guida many times, but he continues to misrepresent the data. This makes me question what else has been misrepresented to the Planning and Zoning Board.

What about the issue of the Allens selling the second access? This should have forever changed the development potential of this parcel. How many ways can they try to fool us? Visit the site to see the real layout and access issues!

This is a very important, precedent-setting decision for the Edwards area. Commissioners, please follow the guidelines established and relied upon by the current owners. This will have a huge impact on the areas future. DON’T be FOOLED! The proper density for this project is no more than 12 to 14 units of similar size to Homestead homes (2,000 to 2,500 square foot average).

Thank you, commissioners, for your consideration of my concerns. Please deny this density to protect Edwards property owners and build trust in the county planning process.

Becky Bultemeier


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