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He’s baaaack!

Michael Cacioppo

Greetings from one of the few conservatives left in Eagle County! OK, some of you thought I left town for Mexico, never to return. But that was only wishful thinking.

Anyway, “Ye Young Editor” of the Vail Daily, Don Rogers, that left of center moderate RINO (Republican in Name Only), decided that it was only fair for the Daily to have a true conservative write a column every Friday to balance the left-leaning Daily.

Naturally, this will make left-wingers and teachers union types unhappy, but Rogers understands that it is not his job to try to make everybody happy.

A newspaper’s job is, first and foremost, to honestly report the news and then to offer opinions from all over the political spectrum.

In fact, Rogers said in his column of July 25, “But our bias, if you will, is to get people’s opinions in the paper. Especially ones that disagree with ours. There is no discussion without disagreement over prickly issues, after all.”

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You got that right, Don! Conservatives should give Rogers his due for fairness. And, get this, Rogers and I agreed that my column would be about critiquing the Daily. Now, that’s guts on Rogers’ part.

Wait until his bosses hear this! Cacioppo given free license to criticize the Daily? What is Rogers thinking? Let’s start with defining the Daily columnists on hand and properly labeling them as to their political leanings.

Assistant editor Alex Miller is a liberal. Assistant editor Matt Zalaznick is left of liberal. Columnist Alan Braunholtz is left of liberal. Columnist Richard Carnes writes like a Don Rogers’ left of center moderate Republican. Columnist Butch Mazzuca is a moderate to right-leaning Republican. Columnist Kaye Ferry is a right of center moderate. I am a right of center true blue conservative.

Who’s right of me? Anyone who prints money in their basement or has their own militia. Although I don’t have a problem with those who are in a militia, I just have never been comfortable being part of an organization that would consider having me as a member, as Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain, used to say.

So, let’s get started:

Tuesday, July 5, Daily headline by Matt Zalaznick: “Gays lack job protection.” Duh! Everyone in Colorado should lack job protection. That’s because the Legislature believes that Colorado should be a right-to-work state. That means, guess what, all employees lack job protection, as they should. My opinion is that if you want “job protection,” go into business for yourself.

Zalaznick demonstrated his agenda by wanting special protection for gays. I want no protection for all employees. I don’t believe in socialism or guaranteed jobs. I do believe in entrepreneurship. I believe in a right to hire and fire.

Tuesday, July 19, Daily headline: “Too many tests in schools?” The story identifies a former teacher in the district, Karen Pankey, saying she’d like to see a lot less testing. Where were these kinds of teachers when I was going to public school? Then, a local mother, Karen Eyrich, is quoted saying, “The whole school just goes berserk during CSAPs.” Why wasn’t Mother Cacioppo like this? So I suppose we ought to let kids decide whether they should take tests or not?

Monday, July 25, Daily headline: “School district hiring nearly 80 new teachers.” With a staff of over 400 teachers in the district, a turnover rate of 18 percent was promised to be lower with the outrageous new tax increases to pay Eagle County teachers even more than ever. So much for school board campaign promises!

And finally this week, lefty editor Tom Boyd is leaving the far-left Vail Trail. So, who is my friend Trail publisher Laura Chiapetta going to hire to replace him? Not a moderate or a conservative. Laura says the Trail needs a lefty to balance the “conservative” Don Rogers of the Daily. What is Laura smoking? See you next week!

Michael Cacioppo, a former conservative radio talk show host and newspaper publisher, is managing director of BookPlayaDelCarmen.com, LLC, a local travel planning consultant on vacations to Mexico. This column most definitely does NOT reflect the views of the Vail Daily.

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