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Hey, Adam, what in the world are you doing?

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You never really know how much you like certain words until you can’t print them.After reading Adam’s column last week (“Hey, Kaye, what in the world are you doing?” Vail Trail, Aug. 22, http://www.vailtrail.com), those words were on the tip of my tongue but couldn’t be moved to the tips of my fingers. Too bad. So instead, I’ll have to search for others that express my astonishment at what was written last week.To begin with, read the Denver Post article in the Aug. 20 business section, page 8C, that got his shorts in such a knot. Not much food for such a blast. But I’m assuming that he was banking on the fact that few people had read the article so he could make insinuations and implications that were without basis hoping that no one would call him on it. I hadn’t even read the article until he mentioned it. And if you do, you will see that a fairly innocuous comment was directed to a question about the parking problems caused by the discounted passes. I have never been critical of the passes themselves or the people who buy them only the frontage road disaster that is waiting to happen. There was no comment at all about the Front Range skier. You will also note that no other person from the Vail Chamber and Business Association board was interviewed, much less quoted, contrary to Adam’s assertions.No. Facts have nothing to do with what Mr. Aron was writing. Because if they did, he’d tell you that the merchant pass prices ARE going up. He’s simply trying to imply that somebody else is responsible for that decision. What a novel concept. A publicly traded company depends on opinions from this community to shape its policy decisions. Since when? And we will cause them to go broke? I hope none of the shareholders read that comment!And by the way, per Adam’s request about bumping into people: if you bump into him on the street, let him know how you feel about the merchant pass increase, although since my Wednesday column (Vail Daily, Aug. 27), I have been assured by VRI that the numbers I’ve heard are a gross exaggeration. Still, there’s some interesting math going on. The Colorado Pass has already gone down from its initially published price. Why should our merchant pass go up at all? At the end of the year, which way do you think Adam’s bonus will go?And if he tried to imply that I am in any way responsible for this shift, here’s my suggestion: keep the merchant pass price where it is. Better yet, lower it. The economics of the valley are shaky, yet our customer service levels keep going up. Everyone’s working hard to make sure that our guests have the best possible experience. Let’s acknowledge that and reward it with a merchant pass price reduction. If I have as much power as he implied in his article, that’s what will happen. If it doesn’t, you can be sure who’s REALLY responsible for the decision.Interestingly, Adam brought one of his board members into my store last fall and asked me if the image of the resort company was improving. For someone concerned enough to ask that question, he surely doesn’t seem to care about the answer.Kaye FerryVCBA board member

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