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Hey, don’t throw out that old door!

Preston Utley/Vail DailyA row of doors stands at RECON a facility near the county landfill that sells useable material from construction sites.

WOLCOTT – In a county where construction is king, it makes sense to have a halfway house for all those orphaned building materials that end up in the landfill. Every redesign or reconstruction project is bound to have reusable leftovers like doors, windows, cabinets and even trim, siding and random lumber.Beginning last month, the RECON yard near the Eagle County landfill north of Wolcott began providing a place where those unwanted materials can find a new home. A program of the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability, RECON is a construction materials exchange with a simple premise: Builders or homeowners with leftover or surplus materials drop it off and bargain hunters pick it up for half-price or less.Matt Scherr, executive director of the Alliance, will manage the RECON yard until he finds someone to take over. For now, the yard is open Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Even in its infancy, the facility has a smorgasbord of materials ranging from doors and windows to siding and 2×4’s.

“If we think we can sell it, we take it,” Scherr said, noting that those donating get a receipt they can use for a tax deduction. “The challenge is to get the word out.”Part of that message must go out to builders, so they know there’s a place other than the Dumpster for those torn-out cabinets and unhinged doors. Scherr said it’s remarkable how much good used or brand-new material can get tossed in the trash simply because there wasn’t another option.Now, there is. And RECON drivers will even come pick it up. “Builders and contractors think it’s a great idea,” Scherr said. “They just have to remember to use it.”Scherr also cautioned that the RECON yard won’t take everything – it has to be sellable. But even some of the less valuable items can go in the give-away pile.It’s a good place to find pieces and parts for a dog house or tree fort. But there’s also good stuff that’ll look just fine with a new coat of paint as well as higher-quality surplus that’s good as new.Appetite for deconstruction

In addition to the recycling component of RECON, Scherr sees the project as the logical extension of an emerging mentality in the county that’s seeing more builders going “green.” Using recycled and less-toxic materials and more environmentally friendly practices is part of that. But when it comes to tearing things apart, that ethic needs to be practiced as well, he said. “The hope is that RECON will provide a greater market for deconstruction,” Scherr said. As opposed to outright demolition, where everything is razed and carted to the landfill at significant expense, deconstruction can be more environmentally sensitive as well as more cost effective. Because it costs a lot to cart away the material, the more of it that gets recycled the less the expense. Plus, the donations are tax-deductible.”It just takes a few days of extra time,” Scherr said. ==========================================

To Learn MoreFor more information about RECON, call 376-8797 or go online at eaglerecon.org. The RECON yard is located just outside the landfill off Highway 131 north of Wolcott.==========================================Alex Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 615, or amiller@vaildaily.com. Vail, Colorado

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