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High Altitude Society Column: A gathering for Girl PowHER

Betty Ann Woodland
VAIL CO, Colorado
Holly Bishop, Corey Lamoth, Amanda Precourt, Kady Warble and Pavan Krueger share some girl power at a fundraiser for The Youth Foundation.

Last Thursday, on a crisp, cool autumn evening, a group of curious citizens gathered at the lovely green-built home of local Amanda Precourt to learn about and celebrate the Girl PowHER program. This girls-only program is supported by the Westin Riverfront Club, Donelson Coaching, the Precourt Foundation, the Women’s Foundation of Colorado and Ellsworth Bikes. The program focuses on yoga, strength training, cross-training, mountain biking, art and nutritional guidance.

“We had been big fans of looking at gender specific programming particularly for adolescents,” said The Youth Foundation’s Susie Davis. “We are so thrilled thankful that Amanda has been the inspiration for our Girl PowHER Program.”

Precourt wanted to start a program for girls. When asked about her brainchild, Precourt said, “I am overwhelmed as I look around. I talked about this hypothetically a year ago when I danced (in the Star Dancing Gala). I had no idea that I would be standing here now. I am really honored that you are here to support Girl PowHER.”

Nearly 100 girls are involved in the program. Not only are the participants learning healthy lifestyle choices; they are developing self-esteem and self-reliance, as evidenced by their behavior.

Anne-Marie Desmond helps coach the program’s Ells Angels mountain bike team.

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“It has been amazing to see the progression over the course of the last couple of months; to see the strength, determination and perseverance of each individual girl,” she said.

The competitive mountain bike team has been trained by Donelson Coaching and has competed in race events throughout Eagle County and beyond.

Whether on a bike or yoga mat or in the gym or art studio, the GirlPowHER participants may strive harder, work longer, aspire bigger and follow through more often because of the tutelage and counseling available to them. Because of the care and concern of others, these girls will build trusting relationships and gain confidence and self-respect. With role-models like their hostess, teachers and mentors, their future looks bright.

The Youth Foundation organizers want to thank celebrity Chef Kelly Liken who did a fabulous job of preparing appetizers for the fete and all their volunteers and sponsors. For more information visit http://www.theyouthfoundation.org.

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