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High Altitude Society: Fashion designer Greg Garman celebrates launch of Cartel Noir

Betty Ann Woodland
VAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily/Betty Ann WoodlandVail native and fashion designer Greg Garman, Aspen fashionista and owner of Gallerie, Sarah Gercke and Cary Thompson talk business at Garman's Trunk Show.

It reads as the classic, age-old story of the local boy who makes good as he heads from a small town to the big city, finds his passion and runs with it all the way back to home base. Such is the case with Greg Garman who, on Saturday, held a Vail launch party hosted by the Four Seasons. Garman’s fashion line, Cartel Noir boasts, as the name implies, loads of black with a touch of cream. It was like old school week, and was almost as fun as one of Vail’s 50th anniversary parties. There were mostly locals on board except for a couple of folks from (hush) Aspen.

Sarah Gercke and Cary Thompson journeyed over from the Roaring Fork Valley to mingle with Garman and some of the Eagle County fashionistas to hear the good word and see some of Garman’s fall collection. Gercke owns Gallerie, a fashion forward haven for women and men in Aspen, across the street from the gondola. Gercke has her own label named Gray. She was quick to put in an order from Cartel Noir for her store, and, maybe even her own closet. Both designers have an elegant timelessness about their pieces.

Long time local Annah Scully invited an entourage to the event.

“These are trendsetting ladies who were very impressed with the collection and are anxious to see more,” Scully said.

Event organizer Jim Guttau did a wonderful job of hosting an off season soiree with some of our faithful fashion followers.

“I have known Greg from Denver, and, of course, the Four Seasons is very involved in the Vail community,” Guttau said. “Greg is a Vail native, so it all made sense.”

To learn more visit, http://www.cartelnoir.com.

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