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High Altitude Society: Pink Vail exceeds expectations

Betty Ann Woodland
VAIL CO, Colorado
Awash is a sea of pink and positiveness, Team Pura Vida exemplifies what PINK VAIL is all about with panache and exuberance.

Now that last Saturday’s snowstorm has moved on and the pink fairy dust has cleared, we can say without a doubt that the Pink Vail event was a tremendous success, beyond belief. New Vail resident Marci McCalley spent some time in the midst of the pink mayhem and said, “We just moved to the area in August and I volunteered for the Pink Vail event and skied in it and I had to ask someone how many years the event had been going on. I thought that it had been going on for many years. I was floored when someone told me that this was only the second annual Pink Vail.”

McCalley has volunteered a lot in the past and was so impressed by the organization and and how it was run, she said.

Director of Marketing at Vail Valley Medical Center and Shaw Regional Cancer Center Michael Holton was wowed by the “wild and amazing Saturday on Vail Mountain,” stating, “I don’t think Vail Mountain will soon forget the spirited mass of fundraisers including multiple gorillas, two VVMC Blizzards (father and son), a 6-foot-6-inch man in head-to-toe pink spandex, tons of caped crusaders, chefs ‘Cookin’ up a Cure’, dozens of pink flamingo head dresses, the ‘Breast Patrol’ sweeping the Celebration Ski Down, hundreds of tutus, feather boas and enough sequins for a cheap Las Vegas show. But, there was nothing cheap about the result.”

Holton was referring to the more than $350,000 raised, way over the goal of $250,000. The money will support “an intimate, sophisticated cancer center” and its many programs.

“The Faesslers of Sonnenalp decided a top-notch breast center was needed and the Shaw Outreach Team was relentless in building Jack’s Place. Each year, dozens of fundraisers and special groups pour big and small checks into our organization and into Shaw. So, it was time for us to create a Shaw fundraiser of our own – something as unique as the community we live in – to fund a program unlike any other,” Holton said.

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Holton continued by thanking the many volunteers and support staff.

“Pink Vail is the ‘world’s biggest ski day to conquer cancer.’ It’s fun to say, and it’s true – by a landslide. It couldn’t have happened without the efforts of many, including the 185 volunteers. Thank you to every one of you! And, I have to especially thank the team that has spent the past months working long and hard to pull this off. Great job to Christine Albertson, Kevin Heinz, Byron Morris, Emily Tamberino, Kim Sharkey and Lindsay Warner. Your heart and talents amaze me daily. And, special thanks to Charmayne Bernhardt and Paige Cregon for answering tons of phone calls and sending out over 3,200 personally signed letters for every donation we received.”

Vail Valley Medical Center Communications Manager Lindsay Warner sincerely added, “We worked so hard on that event and after watching how people reacted and the amount of energy everyone exuded, I know every ounce of energy was worth it.”

Warner may have been referring to the ecstatic moments, free flowing tears and overriding feeling of hope and determination.

Betty Ann Woodland covers social events and fundraisers throughout the Vail Valley. She can be reached at highaltitudesocietyvaildaily.com.

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