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High-altitude training camp coming to Vail

Vail Daily staff report
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL – Vail will be the site of Carmichael Training Systems’ newest High Altitude Training Camp from June 22 to 26.

Created in 2000 by Olympic cyclist Chris Carmichael, Carmichael Training Systems focuses on nutrition, fitness and endurance training. As Lance Armstrong’s coach, Carmichael the cyclist return from testicular cancer to win the Tour de France.

“Training camps are an important component of improving as an athlete,” Carmichael says. “The ability to focus entirely on your sport often leads to dramatic advances in confidence, skill, and fitness.

Participants in Vail’s camp will take summer bike rides with Carmichael training staff. Rides will vary from climbs, steep descents and flat roads. Participants will experience amenities typically reserved for professional cyclists, from post-ride massages, to individual analysis with the coaches. This camp is structured to accommodate riders of all levels and is relevant for both mountain bike and road cyclists.

“The rides will be like nothing on earth, and nobody will be bored when they are off their bikes in Vail,” Carmichael says.

Carmichael Training Systems also is in discussion with Edwards’ Shaw Regional Cancer Center to start a post-treatment cancer recovery camp in Vail.

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