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High Country Character: Nadine Rogel of Beaver Creek

Sarah Mausolf
Vail CO, Colorado
HL Nadine Rogel DT 12-11-08

EDWARDS, Colorado ” Some truths about chatting with Nadine Rogel. Involuntary cooing at the tiny shoes for sale inside Rogel’s Edwards Riverwalk shop, Mums to Be and Heirs, can prevent a girl from properly introducing herself. And the presence of Cabbage-Patch-sized feet pajamas can leave a girl struggling to refrain from crying out “Look at the wittle outfit” mid-conversation.

However, Momihood is a serious business, something Rogel certainly knows. As the mother of three children and grandmother to two girls, this New Jersey native has been living in the Vail area for 10 years. For six of them, Rogel, 77, has been supplying locals with everything they need to become a mom ” except, of course, the baby itself.

Vail Daily: You must see a lot of pregnant moms come through here. Do they ever ask you for advice?

Nadine Rogel: Oh, sure. Especially if they’re first-time moms. They look for things that they really need for the baby and they leave the accessories up to the grandparents, because they’re the ones that spend the money [laughs].

VD: Tell me about your family.

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NR: I have a son who lives here. I have a son who lives in Tampa and a daughter who lives in New Jersey.

VD: Do they have children?

NR: My daughter has a daughter and my son has a daughter.

VD: How do you like being a grandma?

NR: I love it.

VD: What do you like about it?

NR: Well, they’re teenagers, now. I love them at all ages. They’re interesting.

VD: What was your favorite part of being a new mom?

NR: I think the discovery of having a little life in your hands that you can shape in whichever way you choose.

VD: How does a woman know she’s ready to become a mom?

NR: Gosh, I think that’s up to the individual. Some women want to be moms from the time they’re very young and some women want to become moms after they have fulfilled certain goals in their life.

VD: What’s the best story an expecting mom has told you?

NR: The most interesting story was the expectant mom who came in and did not want to know the sex of her baby but her mother and her husband knew.

VD: Why did you decide to open the store?

NR: … I was getting my hair cut and the gal who was cutting my hair said, ‘I’m pregnant’ and when I congratulated her, she said, ‘Well, don’t congratulate me. This is the worst place in the world to be pregnant because you have to go to Denver to get anything you would need for a baby or maternity.’ And a little click went off in my brain and I decided to open the shop.

VD: You enjoy reading. Who do you like to read?

NR: Philippa Gregory. I like that period in history.

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