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High Country flyfishing: The Basics of casting

Austin Richardson

STATE BRIDGE ” The basics of flycasting seem simple.

Any flyfisher can tell you about the dangers of having too much line out and trying to cast.

It’s a lesson that comes with a bonus: a bird’s nest.

Too much line off the reel can cause a certain amount of backlash. Knowing this, it’s important to just let out enough line to get the job done.

Often, trees and bushes behind the angler can be just as much a hinderance than anything on the river. The back “stroke” is almost always where anglers get tangled.

This can result in a maddening experience of untangling these knots. Experience will no doubt make the process easier, but no less aggravating.

Line “wax” can be used to make the line flow through the eyelets more easily, but there’s no substitute for proper technique.

Consult your nearest fly shop for a lesson. More often than not, it’s free and well worth the investment of your time.

Web Editor Austin Richardson wishes he was a better fisherman. Perhaps with the help of Chris David and Gorsuch Outfitters he will achieve his goas. Austin may be reached at arichardson@vaildaily.com.

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