High elevation doesn’t have to mean low birth weight | VailDaily.com

High elevation doesn’t have to mean low birth weight

Though some say high elevation causes lower birth weight, Dr. Jim Bachman hasn’t found that to be true. He studied babies born in Vail throughout 1986. Out of 365 babies born at the hospital in Vail – which at that time also served Summit County mothers – he didn’t find a difference in birth weight at higher or lower elevations. He also pointed out that an earlier study showing that Leadville-born babies weighed less than Denver babies did not account for differing care or gene pools.The only difference Bachman found involved blood pressure in mothers and respiration in infants. Mothers had higher blood pressure during gestation, and infants had higher respiratory rates immediately after they were born. By the time the babies were released, Bachman said, they showed no differences in respiration rate. Bachman correlated both problems with gestating at higher altitudes.Vail, Colorado

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