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High-end hotels offer specialty kibbles

Carolyn Sackariason
Aspen Correspondent
Vail, CO Colorado

ASPEN, Colorado ” How does braised beef stew sound for $10.50 at the Little Nell hotel or a tenderloin of beef for $12 at the St. Regis? If you have four legs, relieve yourself outside and often drool, you’re in luck.

Two Aspen luxury hotels have tapped into the growing trend of pet pampering, offering doggie menus that include such items as beef, salmon and hamburgers.

The canine kibbles have been offered as a room service amenity at the Little Nell for a few years. And now the St. Regis Aspen has entered the fray by creating its own doggie menu that features items like the Hot Diggity Dog ” an all-beef hot dog cut into bite-size pieces and served sans bun ” and Roll Over Rover, which is grilled salmon with scrambled eggs.

Peder Tillung, food and beverage director at the St. Regis, said management recently visited Aspen to check out the competition ” the Little Nell, which offers a three-item pet menu.

“They came back to me and said, ‘Can we top this?'” Tillung said. “I said ‘yes’ and made something more appealing.”

The Little Nell’s pet menu includes tenderloin of beef with eggs and rice ($12) and grilled chicken breast with carrots and brown rice ($8). The grilled salmon with scrambled eggs is $10.

St. Regis’ doggie menu features the “Bow Wow Wow,” a boneless chicken breast with vegetables; “The Barking Dog,” a ground beef pattie and the “Canine Round Up,” which is braised beef stew with white rice. All entrees are $10.50; however, a 21 percent service charge and a $4 delivery charge is added to all orders.

John Speers, general manager at the Little Nell, said the five-star hotel has catered to canines for years.

“We’ve always been a pet-friendly hotel,” he said, adding pet amenities are becoming the norm in high-end hotels. “I think it’s become an expectation among luxury travelers and it’s on overdrive here in Aspen.

“These dogs fly on private jets and are part of the family,” he added.

In addition to the decadent chow at the St. Regis, dogs can sleep in five-inch thick dog beds with a royal purple cover and drink from ceramic dog dishes. The resort also works with a local pet shop to have dogs walked and watched.

At the St. Regis, there is a $100 flat fee per stay, per dog. Guest can also adopt-a-dog for the day through the local pet shelter.

At the Little Nell, pet owners are given a small package upon check-in that includes a brass identification tag, a frosted dog biscuit and a booklet called “Petiquette,” which details all of the offerings and rules the hotel has for pets.

Dog walking, baby-sitting, grooming and other services are available. The Little Nell charges a flat fee of $100 for pets to stay at the hotel and it offers pet sitting for up two hours for free.

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