High-flying summer hopes

Don Rogers

Has there ever been more hoopla over one flight in of 176 or so people a day for a few weeks in summer?

Actually, the overflowing enthusiasm is completely understandable for the example of that valley-long cooperation – a rare and delicate beauty – and as the catalyst for stronger summers in the tourism biz.

Governments and businesses teamed up to put $475,000 in guarantees against losses for American to offer sweet fares from hot, hot Dallas to Eagle County Regional Airport. Dallas has the good fortune to not only lead as leading home base of second-home owners in Eagle County, but it connects to 28 other more or less major cities in the Midwest and East, along with Zurich, Switz.

Such agreements are fairly common across the country, and increasingly at smaller airports.

The idea is to build on this summer and develop more out-of-state visitation of Eagle County during the favorite season of many residents. It’s not a wacky idea, either, given the steamy summers of the Midwest and South and the popularity of such areas as Lake Tahoe, a nest of ski resorts that attracts even more visitors during from June to early September.

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Officials – as of course they always do at the beginning of a brave new venture – sound confident about success. Not all the money put up as guarantees may even be touched if the planes fill as much as projected.

So this could well work into a case of 176 here and 176 there and pretty soon you have some real numbers flying in during summer.

Try a puppy

So here’s the guy’s take on “The Bachelorette” darling who happens to live in Vail: Before the show he was just another dope for the local single women to spurn like the rest of the pack.

Now that he’s on TV, well, he’s magically transformed to “won-der-ful,” uttered with proper swoon and the beaming eyes normally reserved for puppies and newborns.

Even the paper is receiving e-mails from fans sure this is their destiny, if only they could meet him and share poetry. So sensitive.

Hell yeah, the rest of the guys are jealous. What about their sensitivities, their underlying poetical and romantic nature (which lasts at least three weeks into a “meaningful” relationship)?

TV time and money are the big tickets to a gal’s heart. If you can’t manage either of those, there’s still a chance if you can find yourself a puppy. Can’t recommend the newborn, though.


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