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High praise for the county

Don RogersDaily Managing Editor

Eagle County has complied with requests for the commissioners’ e-mails with pure professionalism and no fuss.Compared to similar requests of other local governments across the country, this is remarkable of itself.Too often politicians and other officials act as if they are not servants of the public, but the guardians of their own fiefdom. And so they get irritable, ask what business a member of the public has asking for an, ahem, public document, and put up barriors. Cost is one, even though taxes fund government operations, including a citizen’s request for public records. Foot-dragging can be another. The worst governments act as if editors or kings instead of simply complying with legal, rational and reasonable requests for information. The author of this column has seen all of that, and occasionally to the point that the newspaper’s hounds had to be released. That would be those beasts known as media attorneys smelling blood from wounds to open government laws.But no hounds will be released with this project, only high praise for the smoothest transfer of information to be encountered. We’re expecting to cross check with e-mail logs for February to see that we have all the documents we seek. But so far, so good.The public can be proud of Eagle County government’s quick, smooth and no BS response. For us, it’s refreshing, and we hope that all our little governments follow the county’s fine example always.The county’s professional response to the paper’s request also is a tacit way of building trust with the people it serves.And that counts for a lot all by itself.Vail, Colorado

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