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High stakes

Rebecca Mocciaro

Regarding Ms. Dusky’s March 12 opinion piece: Ms. Dusky, and your paper by printing her piece, fail to recognize that Mr. Bryant, if convicted, could be imprisoned for the rest of his life. THE REST OF HIS LIFE. Imagine being in jail for the rest of your life.

Feminist writers like Ms. Dusky do not realize how they have actually caused women more harm than good with these rape shield laws. No one in the Bryant case is trying to “convict” the accuser of having bad character. The defense is only trying to defend its client and is using, with the trial judge’s and the Colorado Court of Appeals concurrence, existing methods of obtaining evidence. If Ms. Dusky believes that Ms. Mackey has crossed ethical boundaries, she should report her to the appropriate Colorado Bar officials.

If no rape occurred in this case, the damage to all women’s credibility in such cases is serious and will be longlasting. People already doubt women when they claim they were raped on a date or by a friend. It is unfortunate that Ms. Dusky’s own inaction 25 years ago leads her to chastize able defense attorneys seeking to do their job to keep their innocent-until-proven-guilty-beyond-a-reasonable-doubt client out of prison for the rest of his life.

Ms. Dusky should be angrier at the prosecution if they rushed to bring not fully vetted charges against someone who obviously believes he is innocent.

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