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High time for moderate course

Ron Wolfe

Now that the election is history, there are several things that I want to say to the people of Avon.First, thank you for selecting me for a second term as your representative on the Avon Town Council. I am honored by the confidence you have placed in me and will continue to work hard to merit your trust. I congratulate the others who were selected and look forward to working together to ensure that Avon is a great place to live, visit, work and recreate for a diversity of people and families.Second, let me share my thoughts on the tone of this year’s campaigning. I believe that town government is the last bastion of citizen leadership and civic volunteerism. Citizens recognize the needs of their town and come forth offering their time and skills to meet them. Those who are elected to Town Council are not career politicos on their way to higher office. They are one of us, serving us. That’s why it disturbs me to see local campaigns in our town sleazed down to inaccurate and distorted statements, pandering promises and personal attacks. A few individuals mounted a campaign of misinformation that insulted Avon voters’ intelligence and embarrassed our town in the eyes of our neighbors. Every distortion they presented to Avon voters was blatantly contrary to the town’s public process, the record and the facts. Every “need” they proffered is already a topic before the Town Council. Have these groups, committees and their financial backers been so far out of touch that they missed the facts? Or did they intentionally attempt to mislead the electorate? Either way, shame on them! Regular readers of the Vail Daily, followers of Town Council meetings and those who recall the words of the obvious suspects can connect the dots and follow the money! Finally, a word about partisan politics. I am a registered Republican and have been for my entire voting life. But I refuse to follow the radical dogma of a handful of extremists. I pride myself on being balanced and analytical, dealing with issues based on their facts and merit, and working with others based not upon their party affiliation but upon their intelligence, values and integrity. My record on the Town Council and my personal support of election candidates demonstrate this. It is time for like-minded Republicans on the local level to speak out. That is why I am asking moderates to come together – either inside or outside the party structure – to let their voices be heard and to set a new course for our party within the community.This year’s election is over. A new dialogue should begin today. And I, for one, am ready.Ron Wolfe is the mayor of Avon.Vail, Colorado

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