Hike of the Week: Just get outside

Peter Suneson
Walking Mountains Science Center
With all of the snow that we've recieved this week, snowshoeing conditions are perfect nearly everywhere you go.
Special to the Daily

Trail Name: Your front, back, or side yard!

Mileage: Depends on how far you go!

Subjective Rating: You tell us!

What to Expect

With all the snow we’ve recently received there’s no excuse not to get out the snowshoes. And with icy roads, interstates being shut down by avalanches and elevated backcountry risks, this is the perfect time to get out the snowshoes and tromp around your favorite local area. Maybe you live in East Vail and snowshoe to the water tower or live in West Vail and snowshoe Davos. Or as we move down-valley, maybe you are in Eagle Vail and have a secret snowshoe spot on the golf course or up towards Stone Creek. The Nature Walk Loop at Walking Mountains, one of our favorite local “stash” trails, will take you by rose hips and blue spruce along Buck Creek and then into a drier meadow to smell the sage and rabbit brush. Wherever you choose to snowshoe this week, conditions should be soft and wonderful.

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Stewardship Message

Although this has not been the typical Snowshoe of the Week recommendation, this has not been the typical snow week and we want to remind readers and hikers of the benefits of finding those special places in town, hyper-locally.

As a place-based Environmental Education outfit, we take special pride in fostering place attachment, the reasons we love a place and place meaning, or the inherent qualities and intangibles individuals see in local environments. Having a full-on snow week like we’ve had is a great opportunity to get out and connect in new ways, to our local outdoor opportunities.

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