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Hip hop star parties at Sanctuary

Wren Wertin
Mr. Cheeks has just launched a solo career, though he may continue to sing with Lost Boyz. He'll be at Sanctuary in Vail tonight.

That was the genesis of the A.C. Money Celebrity Party featuring Mr. Cheeks. Mr. Cheeks hales from the multi-platinum group, the Lost Boyz. He was their “raspy, cocksure” frontman and recently set out on a solo career.

The Celebrity Party is kicking off at Sanctuary tonight at 8:30. Hosting the party is DJ Cat from Choice FM.

“We just want to make everybody happy, and make something new in Vail,” said Money. “We’ve got a couple of contests going. It should be festive and fun. This is a chance to be around a rap superstar. He might perform, too, but it’s more about getting to know each other.”

Money toyed with the idea of having strippers, but opted for bikini-clad dancing women instead (“We wanted a soft, non-offensive approach for our first party,” he said). There will also be break dancers and special guests breaking into the occasional performance.

Lost Boyz took a hit when group member Raymond “Freaky Tah” Rogers was murdered in 1999. In the middle of recording an album, the band finished it, making it a tribute to their fallen partner in rhyme. They may tour again, but everyone is currently involved in other projects.

On his solo album, “John P. Kelly,” Mr. Cheeks’ message is personal and musical revival – what he calls the essence of hip hop. According to his bio, despite the pain and loss he’s experienced, he had no option but to carry forth the party legacy that has become synonymous with the Lost Boyz.

“It will just pretty much be a party atmosphere,” said Money. “The chance to be around celebrities and them not being all stuck up and snotty. You can talk with them and dance with them. You can interact with them.”

As for Cheeks, it’s a bit like a vacation for him, being away from the tug of the cities. He’s currently putting together an all-dread tour with Bob Marley’s son, Stephen. The two co-own One Fam Music, and met during the 1997 Lollapalooza tour.

“After a live performance, Mr. Cheeks will meet and greet with all the fans,” said Money. “We’ll also have a couple of contests going.”

Knapp and Money met through some mutual fans in Las Vegas.

“All he kept saying was there were possibilities in Vail, and nothing for the kids,” said Money. “We found out what they wanted, who they like, and decided to bring them in. We’re working on a really big party for New Year’s Eve.”

The Celebrity Party is open to ages 21 and over. It begins at Sanctuary, located at the top of Bridge Street, at 8:30 p.m.

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