Hit me with your best shot: The week in photos from Vail and Eagle County for Aug. 23-29 | VailDaily.com

Hit me with your best shot: The week in photos from Vail and Eagle County for Aug. 23-29

Richard Carnes, who has written a weekly column for the Vail Daily for more than 20 years, sent this shot in with his column for Tuesday. Carnes said he captured this doe with two fawns right in his front yard in Avon.
Richard Carnes | Special to the Daily

Another week with too many good cover options from local photographers. Here are all the shots that didn’t make the front page but were certainly deserving.

If you’ve got a photo you’d like to pass along for consideration for the Vail Daily cover, or in this recurring feature, email me at npeterson@vaildaily.com.

Local wildlife photographer Rick Spitzer shot these mammatus clouds forming over Avon. Mammatus clouds, Spitzer writes, are pouch-like protrusions hanging from the undersides of clouds, formed by sinking air. Most clouds result from rising air. Mammatus clouds are composed primarily of ice. Some think they portend severe weather, and they may appear around, before or after a storm and do look ominous at times.
Rick Spitzer | Special to the Daily
Allan Finney had another shot of an owl he captured in Eagle run on the cover of the Aug. 27 edition of the Vail Daily. He captured this one from his deck in Edwards.
Allan Finney | Special to the Daily
Local Ally Green took this sunset shot from her deck in Edwards’ Homestead subdivision. The smoke from the nearby Grizzly Creek Fire has produced dramatic sunsets for weeks.
Ally Green | Special to the Daily

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