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Hit me with your best shot: The week in photos from Vail and Eagle County

A Perseid fireball streaks across the sky of Wildridge at 3:54 a.m. on Wednesday morning. The annual Perseid meteor shower happens when Earth passes through the orbit of the giant comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle every year. The debris from that comet is in the path of Earth and is the source of the Perseid meteor shower. The display normally produces dozens of meteors per hour and there are often fireballs that can be observed. Since 2008, NASA has counted more fireballs from the Perseids than any other shower.
Rick Spitzer | Special to the Daily

The Vail Daily has always championed great photography — just look at our front page. Readers love to pick up the paper each day to see what made the cover, be it a scenic wildlife photo, a candid of valley life, or a great action shot, especially on a powder day. Also, dog photos always kill.

One of the silver linings of the coronavirus pandemic is that the Vail Daily has been getting more submissions than ever from the talented photographers who call this valley home. You might call it photo therapy.

With stress running high, and so many unknowns in the world right now, there’s comfort in the natural beauty of this place. The generosity of these photographers to capture and share these incredible snaps, asking nothing in return, is a gift that every single reader can appreciate.

We’d be remiss without mentioning local wildlife photographer Rick Spitzer of Wildridge, who has been sending the Vail Daily photo submissions for years, and who constantly sends new shooters our way. Thanks, Rick, for that.

But what’s an editor to do when you’ve got too many cover-worthy photo submissions? Well, not letting readers see them would be a shame, so I’m sharing some of the incredible photos that have recently come into my inbox so that readers can enjoy them. And who knows? Maybe this will become a regular thing.

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This photo was taken on top of Boneyard on Wednesday night. Writes Bud Bartnik: “As the fire rages and clouds plume and blow our way, we get a fiery red sunset.”
Bud Bartnik | Special to the Daily
Robin Sobi captured the smoky sunset with the statue of “Spotted Tail Goes to Washington” in Avon on Wednesday night.
Robin Sobi | Special to the Daily
There’s a moose on the loose in the High Country
Allan Finney | Special to the Daily
There’s a bully at the bird feeder. Writes Rick Spitzer: “The male rufous hummingbird will claim a feeder and attack any other hummingbirds that come near. I set up my camera behind the feeder and captured this hummer coming straight toward the camera as it is attacking another hummingbird.”
Rick Spitzer | Special to the Daily
Allan Finney captured this sunset on Thursday night.
Allan Finney | Special to the Daily

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