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Hits and Misses


Hit: Speaking of the snow, a hit to the past few months of precipitation cutting into the big record-setting drought enough to bring the calendar year all the way up to 73 percent of “normal” by this point, at least at local weather watcher Frank Doll’s station in Avon. Talk about catching up. If it keeps coming at this late rate, there’s even a remote chance of catching up to that fabled “average” by the time the year turns. Given how dry and dour the outlook was as recently as August, you’d have to call it miraculous. Well, at least as volatile as that stock market, anyway.

Miss: To the remaining nonsense over the “bubble” covering the ice rink at the Vail Golf Course when so clearly none of the dire predictions have come true. Most neighbors’ concerns have been assuaged with time and better legal language. Time for the others to figure out they live next to a recreational feature. Hello.

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