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Hits and Misses


Hit: From a reader to the town of Avon picker-uppers who picked up trash from along I-70 from Avon on down toward Edwards. The anonymous caller was thrilled.Hit: To an uncooperative Eagle County Probation Department, which put up unnecessary walls recently to a reporter seeking public information about a case. The department should not make what should be readily available information more difficult to attain with nuisances such as filing letters citing the Freedom of Information Act. Officer Sandy Walamdorf can use a course in dealing more appropriately with requests for public information<and the public<than curt replies such as “I’m not going to answer that question! Besides that it is not my case!” before hurriedly returning to her office. Let’s hope she’s more responsive with other members of the public than pesky reporters guilty of carrying out the duties of their jobs.Hit: To the Forest Service closing some roads, seasonally limiting the use of others and taking action on “social trails” in the Edwards-Berry Creek area, where public lands have been abused for some time now.Hit: To the residents in Singletree and the Berry Creek Metro District cleaning up after public lands users in the area who leave an unbelievable amount of trash behind, particularly at the Berry Creek Shooting Range, which was not intended to double as a dump.Hit: To the Eagle Valley Land Trust raising enough money<$150,000<to carry out the Vassar Meadow-Avon land swap. Vail Resorts is contributing $3.4 million, the Forest Service $500,000, the town of Avon $300,000 and the Ritz-Carlton $300,000 to the swap 509 acre of private island in Vassar Meadows up the Brush Creek in national forest for 480 acres of western Avon. The ski company plans to build employee housing on a corner of the Avon land and preserve the remaining as elk wintering grounds.Hit: To lessons learned when children lighted a grass fire in Eagle last weekend that was stopped before it could do any damage to structures or people. Thankfully, the fire didn’t start in July or August, and it resemble nothing so much as a ditch fire that mostly missed the ditch.Miss: To state senators who managed to kill legislation that aimed to end a sweet, sweet state land purchase that two courts have rejected as illegal. At stake are 1,280 acres above Edwards. And so the agreement appears to be headed back to court.

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