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Hits and Misses


Miss: From a reader “to the Vail Recreation Board of Directors for adopting the same mentality as most teen-agers by demonstrating the theory that its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission in reference to the board apparently forgetting to mention to the town of Vail that they (the board) had spent $2.6 million on Dobson and would like to be reimbursed.”

Hit: From a note signed “a few Ski Club Vail parents,” to the resignation of club executive director Chip Woods. The note says, “Chip Woods at Ski Club Vail is over.” The club’s athletes will thrive in the next years with the focus on them for a change. A new, desperately needed facility will be built under new leadership and hopefully not be treated as poorly as the last building. We are donating funds tomorrow to Ski Club Vail.”

Hit: To Laura Trudeau of Singletree, who saw a lab puppy running loose at Berry Creek Road and the I-70 interchange in Edwards. Fearful the puppy would be hit, she stopped, put the pup into her car and drove around for quite a while looking for anyone who might be looking for their dog. She called the animal shelter and it was already closed so she took it upon herself to care for the pup.

Hit: To the volunteers who picked up litter along Interstate 70 Saturday morning.

Hit: To Rick Dunford, the Rotary Club, school district and everyone who contributes to a drive Dunford began here to send school supplies to children in Afghanistan.

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