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Hits and Misses


Hit: To the Eagle County School District and students who collected donations, and to the American Red Cross, which will ship and distribute the supplies in Afghanistan.

Miss: To the rather overwrought hand wringing over “drought” of late. Yes, the snowpack is down, rain in short supply, reservoirs low and fire danger high. The forecast for summer, however, still calls for “normal” precipitation, and the scientists who watch such things see evidence of a budding El Nino, which tends to bring a lot of moisture to the Southwest. Certainly this is a time for prudence, but it’s not quite time for panic. Besides, this is the West.

Hit: To federal and state leaders, including the governor, coming to Vail today to check out the work to thin the beetle-killed timber and lessen the chance fire will do it’s own severe thinning in these areas.

Miss: To whatever nut is poisoning dogs in the valley with antifreeze-laced meat. The latest episode happened in Eagle-Vail, we’re told.

Hit: To Eagle Valley High School junior Kim Smith bursting the record for the 800 meter run by three seconds and winning her second straight state championship in the process. She still has another year to break her own record in the event. The entire team showed well in the state championships this year, as well. Congratulations.

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Miss: To the Avs dropping the first game of the Western Conference Finals to the Detroit Red Wings. We don’t know the outcome of Monday’s match, as we write this, but we’re confident in the Avs and the reigning Stanley Cup champs’ ability to make things very exciting this time of year.

Hit: To the Teva Mountain Games coming this week and weekend, heralding the start of summer in our fair valley. Organizers hasten to assure that the lower water levels this year will make little difference in the excitement of the competition or the competitors.

Hit: To Ellen Miller, the Vail athlete who just climbed Mount Everest from the south side, and became the first American woman to scale the mighty peak from the northern and southern routes.

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