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Hits and Misses


Hit: From the same reader “to the folks at Fiesta’s who rewarded their regular customer with a free lunch – you can bet that customer will keep coming back for more.”

Hit: From the same reader “to Mountain Communic-ations in Eagle-Vail. Not many owners of businesses will talk a customer out of buying something they really didn’t need. Linda, Will and Mary are professional, honest and they really care about their customers.”

Miss: From the same reader “to the young man at the cash register at” a local lumber store “who when a customer was 2 cents short, said he “only had one penny left in the penny cup’ and attempted to hand the customer 99 cents in change – the man walked out and the (store) lost a customerS I’ll bet … will be more accommodating for a penny when the Home Depot in Avon opens.”

Miss: From a Vail reader “to the mayor for admitting that he hadn’t listened to the 58 messages from people opposed to the new parking plan before casting the decisive vote that approved the plan. Actually, I think the whole plan deserves a Miss!”

Miss: From a reader “to those businesses who continue to wash their entryways with our very precious water. Today, I noticed the Sonnenalp power-washing its covered entryway and have often seen Haagan Dazs washing their entryway in the mornings. We’re in a very serious drought and many people just don’t seem to be catching on. I understand that we live in a world-class resort community and aesthetics are very important, but use a broom or find an alternative method to keep our town looking good.”

Miss: From a reader to the “sour grapes by Ross Davis. To someone who has played more golf at the Vail Golf Course than any present, former or future member of the VRD board, your letter is the pot calling the kettle black. And to someone whose benefits give him the next 12 years of free golf, get off your high horse. We have seen board members in the past play weekend mornings, but were slow to say anything for the obvious reasons. If there wasn’t open spots available due to the lack of play due to course condition, economy, lack of due diligence to the future of the golf course from former VRD board members, present board members wouldn’t take the opportunity to due so. The present board members were voted in overwhelmingly! We feel that they are representing our best interests!”

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