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Hits & Misses

Send your hit or miss to Opinion Editor Tamara Miller at tmiller@vaildaily.com.Hit: To the Town of Vail, for building the new skatepark in the Lionshead parking structure. The grand opening last Thursday was a hit with skaters of all ages and abilities, we hear. And its great to see the town doing something for those families the council says it wants to keep in Vail. Miss: To Vail’s town government and many business owners, over a plan for centralized deliveries in Vail Village. Business owners have kept themselves in the dark far too long about the plans, despite numerous public meetings on the subject. Meanwhile, some town officials seemingly are far too willing to increase costs for businesses by creating another “middleman” for deliveries. There’s recently been a thaw in the icy relationship between Vail’s government and business owners. This could be a big setback.Hit: To the Environmental Protection Agency, which plans to remove contaminated rock out of Gilman that could slide into the Eagle River. The polluted rock is being held by aging wooden barriers right now. If the barriers, or cribbings, as they are called, fail the zinc in the rocks would kill fish. Hit: To Allan Goldberg, cancer survivor and co-founder of First Descents, a camp for young adults with cancer. Goldberg just finished chemo six weeks ago, but plans to race in the Leadville 100. He and a childhood friend have raised $70,000 for First Descents in honor of their race.

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