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Hits & Misses

Daily Editorial Board

To a little more snow. The recent melting has left us a couple of things: Big ugly ice piles, and, where the snow has revealed bare ground, the detritus of a winters worth of crud in highway medians and along shoulders. The snow pretties up the place, but boy, our dedicated community cleanup volunteers are going to have a big job (again), come May. Speaking of which

Its that time of year when the melting snow reveals what pigs people are driving through our county. Well never know who these anonymous junk-tossers are, but at least we have the dedicated volunteers already lining up for this years highway cleanup. Stay tuned for more details.

Theater is alive and well in the valley thanks to some local drama students. Last weekend theater kids from the Vail Performing Arts Academy performed scenes from Spring Awakening. On Friday Battle Mountain High School students will perform Caf Cabaret Musical Dinner Theater at Route 6 Caf. This weekend Eagle Valley High School drama enthusiasts will act out The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Kudos to all of the young talent in Eagle County and those who support them.

To volunteers who shaved their heads Saturday for St. Baldricks Day, a fundraising event for pediatric cancer research. The event is in its third year in Eagle County and aims to raise at least $35,000 this year.

Hits: to the Economic Council of Eagle County for leading the way with their Home Source store. The store will provide all the information needed to buy a deed-restricted home in the county listings, payment programs, homebuyer counseling and more. The store is planned to open in Edwards this summer.

Misses: To neighborhood wars in Eagle-Vail over whether or not to allow short-term rentals. After a heated property owners association meeting and the election of a new board, it looks like the rentals will be allowed. At least residents are getting involved in their neighborhood.

To the Bush Administration for reducing the amount of Medicaid payments states receive. Rep. Mark Udall put it best in a statement: Coloradans are feeling the effects of a slowing economy and are struggling to with increased energy and gas prices. It is beyond disappointing that President Bush remains tone deaf to the real world needs of hard working people in Colorado and throughout the country.

To Frank Lorenti and Pete Vance, two Minturn residents who want residents to be able to vote on whether a private ski resort will be built in the town. We live in a representative democracy, but its always encouraging when citizens take their time to participate directly. Check out the Web site at http://www.minturntimes.com

To Minturn residents and town councilors for taking their time to discuss a proposed private ski resort in Minturn. Minturn town councilors have not been able to communicate openly to Minturn residents about the Ginn Development Co.s resort for some time, due to state law forbidding ex parte communications, but answered residents questions honestly at a meeting Tuesday night in Minturn. Minturn staffers also have posted documents about the resort on the towns Web site, minturn.org, giving residents another means to become more educated.

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