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Hits & Misses

Vail Daily Editorial BoardVail, CO Colorado

To the Colorado State Legislature Senate Tranpsortation Committiee, first for killing a proposal by Sen. Chris Romer that would have charged peak-time tolls on I-70. But the Committee signed on to another toll proposal from Senate Minority Leader Andy McElhany. While mountain-town representatives made their displeasure known and the proposal we hope stands little chance of becoming law, its still disheartening to have Front Range politicians meddling in this area.

To the Vail Film Festival and the Taste of Vail for scheduling their festivals over the same weekend. Now people have to choose between attending fantastic indie films or eating decadent food.

To the Vail Film Festival for expanding this years festival, set for Thursday through Sunday. With more than 80 films this year, theres bound to be something for everyone.

To folks at high-risk investment firms like Bear Stearns who expect government bail-outs when their schemes go awry. While we can sympathize with Bear Stearns stockholders who took a bath on their portfolios, risk is part of the game here. If you cant stand the hit, dont roll the dice.

To Hillary Clinton for her weird recounting of a sniper-filled plane landing in Bosnia in 1996. Her characterization of the incident as a mere lapse in memory is disingenuous, at best. Even if it were true, it hardly counts as international experience at least on the policy side.

To President Bush, for discounting yet more increased violence in Iraq to the development of a free society. Were there any hope at all for that devastated country to coalesce into one happy, unified nation, they might be encouraging words. In light of recent history, though, the Presidents words come across as more deluded fantasy.

To all the dog owners who have allowed their pets to wantonly poop around the Valley all winter long without cleaning it up after. Now that the snow is melting, the results of this lazy and irresponsible behavior are becoming more disgustingly obvious.

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