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Hits & Misses

Vail Daily EditorialVail CO, Colorado

Send your hit or miss to Opinion Editor Tamara Miller at tmiller@vaildaily.com.Hit: To a solid, if not quite spectacular, ski season that bestowed economic bounty far beyond the slopes themselves. If you are a snow farmer, and we all are to some extent, thank the heavens for another good season.Miss: To those who would deny the mounting scientific evidence of climate change and that theres anything humankind can do anyway. Irritating as Look at me! PR hounds can be, the folks who cover their eyes and plug their ears to all suggestions of global warming do not have both feet on this planet. Hit: To Minturn town officials, for following citizens request that they enforce a town nuisance ordinance.Theres a line between respecting private property rights and allowing fellow residents to disrespect their entire neighborhood by filling up their yards with junk. Miss: To buying indulgences, er, carbon off-set credits, while doing little to nothing real about lessening ones actual carbon footprint. A windmill or solar panel that generates electricity is a real offset. Buying credits while continuing to use just as much or more fossil fuel is little more than greenwash. Hit: To underemployed citizens in one part of the country seeing Tom Brokaws special on how employers in the Roaring Fork Valley and by extension, ours are desperate for legal employs and at least in some cases are coming here to work. Miss: To looking at global warming as a publicity opportunity instead of taking real measures to actually limit emissions that add to the problem.

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